Jumping In

2017-02-19 14.17.09When my Grandma Esther passed a few years ago, this cookbook was passed on to me and I’ve used it often since then. I had a newer version, but it’s just not the same. This 1968 version is my favorite for all the staples like drop biscuits and chocolate chip cookies, and was published before calorie counting was a thing and all the good tasting stuff had to be trimmed out to make things healthier.

While we try to eat fairly healthy at our house, I don’t see the point in making foods that taste gross. If that means using real butter or cream, then so be it.

Recipes I’ll be sharing on this blog come from all over, from  traditional cookbooks and handed down recipes to Facebook and Pinterest. I rarely follow a recipe exactly, either because I forgot to get something at the store or it calls for something me or my family don’t like. I hate ginger and I don’t think sugar belongs in beans (with the exception of baked beans). I do, however, love chocolate and have been learning to use my crockpot, so get ready for plenty of recipes featuring both.

Questions, comments, suggestions, drink pairings, or ways to improve a recipe are always welcome! I hate having the same five meals over and over again, so I’m up for trying just about anything! Time to jump in and get started 🙂



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