Croque Monsieur Hasselback Potatoes Crock Pot Version

This recipe is adapted from one Twisted posted on Facebook. I say it’s adapted for a couple of reasons.

1. I couldn’t find the video again when I went to make it.

2. I recently went back to work full time and needed to use my crock pot rather than the oven.

I did later find the original video, so I’ll compare what I did with what I was supposed to do as I go. Ready?

Prep Work

Slice up your ham and cheese into 1-2 inch pieces. I’ve found that rectangular pieces work better than square. I used regular deli ham and sharp white cheddar, but I would suppose just about any meat and cheese would taste yummy in this.

I’ve also just used shredded cheese and it worked just fine.

Slice Potatoes

The original video suggested putting two wooden spoons on either side of your potato to stop you from cutting straight through. I’ve made this recipe twice now, and this is definitely a good idea. I cut clean through several potatoes when not using the spoons, which makes stuffing and handling them considerably harder.

If you’re going to use the oven: place potatoes in a cast iron pan, brush potatoes with olive oil, and bake 1 hour at 400 F

2018-03-06 08.33.37

Stuff Potatoes

Alternating between ham and cheese, stuff the potatoes…which is more difficult than it sounds with raw potatoes. It’s probably much easier when doing the oven version where the potatoes are cooked at this point, but oh well.

Once the potatoes are stuffed, place them in the crock pot. (You may want to line with foil or use a crock pot liner)

2018-02-01 13.41.35

Sauce and Top

In the original recipe, it called for 2 c. bechamel. I couldn’t find the video the first time I made this and I’m still not sure what bechamel is, so I used a jar of alfredo sauce instead. Just pour it all over the potatoes and top with a little more cheese if you want.

2018-02-01 17.29.44


I often don’t get lunch break longer than 20 minutes at work, so I need recipes that can cook all day and not get dried out or gross. For these potatoes, I set the crock pot on low and headed to work. The potatoes were soft without being mushy and tasted awesome.

For the oven version: cook another 20 min at 400 F.

Maybe one day I’ll figure out what bechamel is and try that as well, but these turned out super yummy and the family loved them! Enjoy 🙂

Ingredient List

6 large potatoes
1/2 lb deli ham slices
White cheddar cheese slices (plus additional for garnish)
1 jar Alfredo sauce
Crock pot/cast iron pan


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